“Once you start drinking it, it solves a lot of things. Gives you choices. Which as a Diabetic, you don’t have any choices.” – Julian Garcia

Listen and hear what Diabetics go through in life while facing the many struggles and problems brought by Diabetes.


This is a great alternative if you are tired of overly sugary drinks or just water

Mike Jones

A1C Drink is the best! We aren’t diabetic but were looking for something that didnt have sugar or other additives that find in so many other drinks. A1C fits that and taste fantastic

Maureen Wise, Customer

When I heard “cinnablast” I was worried I would be overwhelmed with cinnamon flavor. However, the drink was extremely refreshing

Amanda Thompson, Dispatcher

Fantastic new product on the market!

Michael Allen

This is a drink that taste great and doesn’t leave an after taste! Makes you want to grab more!

Brittany Hartman, Customer Service Rep

A1C is a wonderful tasting drink and smooth energy booster. Although I’m not diabetic the added nutrients and cinnamon extract are naturally helping lower my blood sugar. This drink also replaces my morning coffee!

Tristian Yang, Customer

When you hear healthy you get nervous that its not going to taste good, leave an after taste, or upset your stomach… however, it tasted AMAZING and healthy!
Tracy Whited, Delivery Driver

We love the drink. Not too sweet and quite refreshing! One night we added vodka to it for a delicious cocktail!

Pam Lewko, Self Employed

At my age, I’m skeptical with sweet drinks, but after tasting A1C, I can now enjoy something I’m not worried about for my health.
Alegria Roferos, Retired

Its great when you just finish a work out and you want something other than water! You don’t feel guilty for drinking one, two, or ten!
Jessica Cole, Stay At Home Mom