About us

A1C Drink Inc. is a Nevada Corporation that is unique, innovative, and very creative. Through the pre-existing relationships within the food and beverage industry we are confident in our ability to successfully market, promote and sell A1C to consumers.

As we roll out, our expectations are to introduce the product to the vending industry through our extensive and exceptional reputation within this industry that controls over five million vending machines and several thousand micro markets.

In today’s fast paced marketplace, it is essential to commercialize a product as quickly and safely as possible. However, sourcing functional ingredients, formulation development and consumer product manufacturing can be very time consuming, frustrating and costly.

A1C Drink Inc. has brought all these disciplines under one roof to save you time and money, allowing you to focus on your core strength. The ingredient, products and technologies that we offer are high quality, consistent, cost effective and meet GMP’s. All ingredients and consumer products undergo stringent QC before they are shipped—-your assurance of acceptable products.

Creativity is limited only by one’s imagination. Excellence is achieved only by one’s commitment to it. Innovation is the key to our collective future growth.

All Natural

Zero Sugar

Tastes Amazing

Erythritol is the sweet factor in A1C. Erythritol is a sugar alcohol which is indigestible by humans. Since we don’t have the necessary enzyme, it is passed through the body without the negative effects of sugar. Most of it is actually released unaltered through our urine! It has a glycemic index of 0 (meaning it does not spike blood sugar) and it’s not metabolized by oral bacteria so it doesn’t cause tooth decay. It is, effectively, 0 net carbs.


A1C Drinks Inc. created a unique and innovative beverage with the potential to shake up the American Obese, Overweight, Diabetic, Pre-Diabetic and Insulin Resistant markets. This new beverage is a CINNABLAST with a refreshing unique taste that has no competitors in the market. Although our beverage was created specifically as a drink for Diabetics to safely consume that won’t affect their condition, it’s refreshing taste will be enjoyed by millions of consumers not directly affected by the illness because of its beneficial ingredients and great taste.

This “one of a kind” beverage was very difficult to create, because of the technical obstacles of the key ingredients used in our unique, proprietary formula. The difficulty in creating this beverage was in the ability to combine the contents into a water-soluble form with the main ingredients acting as a catalyst with the additional naturally-derived ingredients included to support good health.

This product can be a stand-alone beverage that will serve as a unique, and great tasting drink supplement for any diabetic.

What does this mean in the life of an overweight or diabetic person?

It means the following for someone struggling with overweight issues:

  • A great tasting and refreshing beverage with naturally-derived ingredients that are easily absorbed into the body
  • An easy to use and easy to get affordable beverage that everyone can enjoy anytime during the day or night

Our two main ingredients, Cinnamon and Aloe Vera, have been used throughout the world by many cultures and have been known to maintain already healthy blood sugar levels. These ingredients have been used for centuries.

It is only recently that America is coming to recognize a holistic lifestyle that incorporates spices and herbs which other cultures have used for centuries.

Get Healthy