Research and Development

Through extensive and difficult research and development has created a new beverage that directly A1C has been through vigorous R&D to come into “Proof of Concept.” The benefits of this beverage are its capacity to maintain already healthy or normal blood sugar levels in the body and assist in maintaining Pancreatic health. Our created beverage was formulated and based upon hundreds of scientific and medical studies done over years of research. What is A1C?

“An A1C test is a blood test that reflects your average blood glucose levels over the past 3 months. The A1C test is sometimes called the hemoglobin A1C, HbA1c, glycated hemoglobin, or glycohemoglobin test. Hemoglobin is the part of a red blood cell that carries oxygen to the cells.”

The key components of this product are Cinnamon and Aloe Vera. Throughout the world, these two ingredients have been used and only now has a product been developed for Diabetics and those who are insulin resistant to safely consume and not worse their conditions that combine these two ingredients. Also included in the proprietary formula are other ingredients that act as catalyst in enhancing the restoring benefits of Cinnamon and Aloe Vera.

This product is necessary because there are over 30 million people who have Diabetes and an estimated 84.1 million who are Prediabetic. Now these millions of people have a positive alternative to use a great tasting beverage that contains effective natural ingredients and works without struggling with harsh chemical medications.

A1C Drinks Inc. has reached this venture through extensive research. Although we have a product ready to market, we are continuing to test, sample and refine the beverage to ensure A1C delivers the best product for people to safely consume that are affected by this deadly illness.

A1C Drinks Inc. is extremely confident in its ability to bring this new and exciting beverage to the market and we encourage you to consider this unique and once in a lifetime opportunity. Many of us know someone who is directly affected by this deadly disease and our goal is to provide a refreshing beverage to the people we love.

Our claims as to the validity and value of this product are not simply fluff or conjecture. Please take the time to read the research of the proven effects of the ingredients regarding A1C in the Business Plan. Although extensive in information provided in the business plan there is an immense amount of research that is not included that all confirms the benefits of the ingredients included in A1C.

A1C Drink Inc. has created a unique and innovative beverage that has the potential to shake up the American Obese, Overweight, Diabetic, Pre-Diabetic and Insulin Resistant markets. This new beverage is a CINNABLAST of refreshing unique tasting drink that has no competitors in the market. Although it was created specifically for Diabetics it’s refreshing taste will be loved many others not directly affected by the illness for its healing ingredients and great taste.

A1C is a beverage for people that no one has been able to develop because of the technical obstacles of the key ingredients used in our unique, proprietary formula. The difficulty in creating this beverage was in the ability to combine the ingredients into a water-soluble form and have the main ingredients act as a catalyst with the additional all-natural ingredients put into the beverage to combat health issues.

Most importantly, this product can be a stand-alone beverage that will serve as a unique supplement enhancement to any diabetic. What does this mean in the life of an overweight or diabetic person?

It means the following for someone struggling with overweight issues:

  • A combative beverage to offset the harsh and rising drug costs associated with the deadly disease.
  • A great tasting and refreshing beverage that is easily absorbed into the body as opposed to potentially a lifelong battle of having to inject oneself with a needle every day.
  • The need for additional drugs and supplements that are extremely costly and have severe side-effects.
  • An easy to use and easy to get beverage that someone wants to enjoy while anytime of the day or as needed.
  • Our two main ingredients have been used throughout the world by many cultures that have been known to regulate blood sugar and they are Cinnamon Oil Extract and Aloe Vera. These ingredients have been used for centuries because insulin was not discovered until 1921. 1 It is only now that America is coming into the fruition of a holistic lifestyle and using spices and herbs that others have used for centuries. states, “2Some people with diabetes also use complementary and alternative therapies (CAM). These therapies aim to treat the body and the mind.

    Alternative treatments for obesity and diabetes include:

    • Herbs
    • Supplements
    • Exercise
    • Relaxation Techniques

    These two superpower ingredients have already been used in many medical trials for the last 50 years in regulating sugar levels and the work continues now. Although our beverage is not FDA approved as most holistic products are not, the potential for endless clients still exist as each day more and more Americans seek alternative holistic products such as A1C.